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Fireplace Problems

    It is cold outside and that means a fire in the fireplace.  We have a chimney sweep inspect our fireplace each year.  His comments were "if everyone got their fireplace inspected every year and cleaned the roof at least that often we would have fewer house fires".

Remember a chimney fire can be put out by closing the damper.

If you have a run away fire call the fire department first.  Then try to do something about it.  It is better though, not to let it happen at all.  The fire department has recommended a bottle of water mixed with baking soda placed close to the fireplace to control run away fires.  Their suggestion was to mix 1 cup of baking soda with 1/2 liter of warm water in a container and pour the mixture into a 1 liter spray bottle, then fill up the bottle with warm tap water.  We now keep this next to our fire place when we have a fire.  The baking soda when it burns gives off carbon dioxide and when combined with the water helps control the fire.
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