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October 2003


Meeting This Month


October 29, 2003 at 7:00 pm


At Seven Oaks Elementary School


6:30 pm set up and get everything ready


7:00 pm meeting


8:00 pm after meeting social and clean up




8:30 pm out of the building so it can be locked







In looking over our current constitution and bylaws I believe there is a need to update them.  I have posted the old ones on the web site and I will have copies at the meeting, I need some input from the community on changes we should make.  We have a number of standing committees that are not operational now, that we need to decide to keep or discontinue.  We will make changes and have the new ready for the next meeting for approval.


I believe all offices terms should be yearly.
If the current officers would like to run again that would be fine.  This way if we have a poor office holder it would be easy to replace that person without a fight.
So with this in mind I will resign at this meeting but would like to stand for reelection if so nominated.


Your president has done poorly with the yard of the month.  We have only had 2 homes honored during the last 5 months because of me.  I ask for a volunteer to step forward to accept this responsibility, someone who can do a better job than I have.


On a happy note we have our Neighborhood Watch signs up at most of our entrances and the speed limit signs shouldn’t be far behind.


Some of us are placing trash by the street that the trash service will not pickup because of the content or size of the materials.  Please be considerate of our neighborhood and neighbors, when you need to have items removed or have a question about what they will remove, call the county Solid Waste dept. (803) 755-3325 or Southland Sanitation Inc. 256-7276 they will be happy to answer any questions you may have on items for pickup.  Concerning yard trash remember the 4inch / 4 foot rule.  Nothing will be picked up over 4 inch’s in diameter or 4 foot long.   Southland Sanitation will NOT pick up construction or building materials regardless of size.  If anyone has larger items you will have to make special arrangements to get it to the collection center on Old Bush River Rd.  They will accept yard trash, garbage, appliances, batteries, used motor oil, tires, construction or building materials, and many many other items.

See you at the meeting 




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