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Oct 2006


Meeting Thursday Oct. 12, 2006

At Ashland United Methodist Church


6:30 pm set up and get everything ready

7:00 pm meeting

8:00 pm after meeting social and clean up

8:30 pm out of the building so it can be locked


Hello Everyone!

                 September is the time your civic association collects annual dues.  Thank you to those of you who have paid early!  For the rest of us, a tear-off slip is included at the bottom of the newsletter and a self-addressed envelope is included with the newsletter for your convenience.  I am very proud of the WHCA volunteers and venders this year, we have been able to keep costs down.  This has been a challenge with the rising prices of everything.

We have lost a valuable friend in the principal of Seven Oaks Elementary School, Jim Stephens. He is now the principal of one of the new schools in the district.  The new principle and his staff have not been as accommodating as Jim was in staying late the nights we had our meetings.  The district also has a newly enforced policy of charging $150.00 per night to allow us to use the school. I have had to find a new meeting place.  Ashland United Methodist Church at 2600 Ashland Road has welcomed us with open arms. We will be using Ashland Hall.  This is in the end of the building closest to McDonalds.  Ashland Hallís main glass doors face Ashland Road.  

Ann has done a fantastic job of handling the associationís donations; we ended the year with out having to ask for any more money. Thanks to everyone for responding this last year.

We need to do some improvements to both of our entrances.  Folks, some of those dead bushes need to be replaced.  We are going to need everyone to respond to the donation drive this year, if we are going to be able to make improvements on the common grounds.  Chris is working on an improvement plan but we cannot proceed until we see what the response from the community will be.

I have had a few e-mails returned because of address changes.  Please update your e-mail address if it has changed recently so you can continue to be included in neighborhood messages.  Your e-mail address is kept confidential and will not be given to anyone for any reason.  At election time we have residents wanting to send e-mail about different causes.  If you will send them to me I will forward them to the neighborhood.  If you have a different opinion please respond to me and I will sent it also.

Some of us are placing trash by the street that the trash service will not pickup because of the content or size of the materials.  Please be considerate of our neighborhood and neighbors, when you need to have items removed or have a question about what they will remove, call the county Solid Waste dept. (803) 755-3325 or Southland Sanitation Inc. 256-7276 they will be happy to answer any questions you may have on items for pickup.  Concerning yard trash remember the 4 inch / 4 foot rule.  Nothing will be picked up over 4 inchís in diameter or 4 foot long.   Southland Sanitation will NOT pick up construction or building materials regardless of size.  If anyone has larger items you will have to make special arrangements to get it to the collection center on Old Bush River Rd.  They will accept yard trash, garbage, appliances, batteries, used motor oil, tires, construction or building materials, and many many other items.

I need someone to take a morning and wash our entrances signs, also some touch-up painting on the St. Andrews one. We also need for someone to help re-condition our meeting signs.  If you would like to take on this project please let me know

            PLEASE do not tape ANYTHING to our signs; the tape is pulling the paint off. It is hard enough keeping them looking good with out old tape marks and missing paint.


Thanks to our neighborhood volunteers for all of their help.  See you at the meeting




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