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June 2005


Meeting Thursday June. 16, 2005

At Seven Oaks Elementary School


6:30 pm set up and get everything ready

7:00 pm meeting

8:00 pm after meeting social and clean up

8:30 pm out of the building so it can be locked


Hello Everyone!

                It has been a while since we have had a meeting or newsletter because of my work schedule.  If anyone has problems please e-mail me with them or page me at 698-8278.  Put your number in and I will call you back.


Chris McCorkle of Palmetto Pro Landscaping is maintaining our common areas.  He is a resident of our neighborhood and is doing a fantastic job getting everything in order.  He will be upgrading some our shrubs as we have money to do so.  If you see Chris working please stop and thank him. He is going far beyond what we have been able to pay for in maintaining our grounds.


Evelyn is stepping down as our treasurer.  I will have a nomination for a replacement soon.


                I have been getting some calls about trash building up at the curbs of some of our residents.  Please check our web site, Lexington Countyís web site or contact me for a copy of the Lexington County Solid Waste Rules and Regulations.  These are very clear about what will and will NOT be picked up.  It also specifies how the trash is to be left at the curb. If these rules are not followed Southland does not have to pick it up.


                Some of our street signs are in need of help, if you see one that needs some attention please e-mail me the location.  I will forward this to the highway department.  So far we have no more information about the speed limit signs.  Lt. Kerry Johnson is our new North District Commander and Marti Faglie (Voice mail 803 785-0882) is our new resident deputy.  I will be meeting with them soon to see if we can finally get our signs.


                We need to get someone to head up the yard of the month committee.  This is a good program that needs a good committee chairperson.  Our neighborhood has some incredibly pretty yards that we should be recognizing.  If you would like to help please let me know.


                We have 136 e-mail addresses out of a possible 484 homes.  This is not bad but it could be better.  I use e-mail to send quick announcements and information because it does not cost anything.  If you would like to be on our e-mailing list send me a request at the address at the top of the page.


                Our water pipes under the roads are ageing and beginning to leak.  If you see water coming up from under the pavement please call the City of Columbia water department at 803 733-8285.  They have responded within a day or two after I have called.  If the leak is a bad one tell the operator so they can get someone there immediately.  We donít need to waste water. 



The neighborhood e-mail address is woodlandhillscivicassoc@hotmail.com and it is up and

working.  I check this address once a week.  If you need to get a message to me please feel free to use it.


Thanks to our neighborhood volunteers for all of their help.  See you at the meeting


Pager 698-8278




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