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April 2003


Meeting This Month


April 24, 2003 at 7:00 pm


At Seven Oaks Elementary School


6:30 pm set up and get everything ready


7:00 pm meeting


8:00 pm after meeting social and clean up




8:30 pm out of the building so it can be locked






John Carrigg our Lexington County Representative will be our featured speaker.  Come and spend an evening with John.


    We had several e-mail alerts sent out this month about unknown people in the neighborhood.  If you would like to get these alerts please send me an e-mail requesting to be placed on the e-mail list.  Please put: "add me to the woodland hills e-mail list"  in the subject line.


    With some luck this time we might be able to get the Yard of the Month committee chosen, before it snows again.  Please come to the meeting with someone in mind to recommend for this thankless task.  If you are not at the meeting to defend yourself anything can happen.


    I don't know what to call the money we collect. It isn't dues, or maintenance fees, so I guess I will call it a "donation to the neighborhood". I don't mean to harp on this subject but we are running out of money. We have enough for 2 more months and a new donation cycle is not due until Sept. 2003. I have included a table below to try to explain why we need this money. People have asked why we need these expenses at all. Why don't we get volunteers to do this instead of paying someone else to do it. I for one do not have the time nor the expertise for this job and besides we would have to pay for the water and new plants regardless. With this newsletter I have added pre-addressed envelopes for your convenience. If you have paid for this year Thanks!!  For those that have not please take a minute to drop your check in the mail. I have added a page on our web site that will identify those who have sent us their checks so you won't send money twice. (We have had some of our folks do so in the past.)  One year I sent my donation to Fred but used an out of state check so he could not credit it to us. This caused quite a bit of confusion around our house until I realized what I had done.  The list is there for your information, nothing more. We are not trying to embarrass anyone, if you feel the circles and entrances do not help keep up our property values and make our neighborhood look better then so be it.

If anyone has a better idea about how to do this please let me know. This is not a fun part of this job.

Total if every house gave $16.00 $7,728.00
Donations had to be raised to $20.00 because of lack of funds  
201 houses paid out of 483 in the neighborhood  
Total received for Sept. 2002 to Aug. 2003 year $3,528.00
Some of our neighbors gave more than their fair share.  
$240.00 per month for plant care for our entrances $2,880.00
New plants twice a year at all entrances $912.00
Water bill $35.00 per month $420.00
Supplies for the newsletter $192.00




    Thanks for the volunteers planning to paint our signs.  Maybe the rain will hold off for a while.  If you need some help please call me. 





Thanks to our neighborhood volunteers for all of their help.

See you at the meeting




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