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King Arthur's Flour Main Internet Site

I buy flour and supplies from this company.
many ingredients from the recipes here
can be found in their catalogue

King Arthur Baker's Online Catalogue

Welcome to The King Arthur Flour Baker's Catalogue, where you'll find everything you need to fulfill your fondest baking wishes! Our company has been in the flour business since 1790; after 200 years we expanded our horizons, and started The Baker's Catalogue¨. Now, after 10 years' experience with the catalogue, we're transferring our customer service skills and products to the Web, where we promise to serve you with the friendliness, baking knowledge, and attention to detail that have become our company hallmark
We look forward to delighting you with the contents of this site. If you'd like a traditional paper catalogue (it's kind of hard to take a laptop to bed with you!), please call us at 1-800-777-4434, or sign up for one on-line.

In 1896, King Arthur Flour's three owners were stumped.

Mark Taylor, George Wood, and Orin Sands were rolling out a new flour, but they were stumped on the name. They needed to somehow express the flour's premium characteristics -- its integrity, strength, reliability, and superior performance. As you know by now, they chose the name King Arthur, a name so powerful it eventually stood for the company itself.

Today, we are over 160 owners. And we realize that being named after the legendary knight carries the obligation of upholding his virtues. This obligation reaches through our products to our very business dealings. Like our predecessors of 1896, we want our products and corporate life to express the same integrity, strength, reliability, and superior performance.

That's why, when stumped for a new management approach in the early 1990's, we again looked to the Arthurian round table for inspiration. It seemed only natural to structure ourselves the way Arthur and his knights did, as a team built on inclusion and collaboration. In 1996, we launched an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), putting ownership of King Arthur Flour in the hands of everyone at the table.

The result is a corporate culture of incredible passion and sincerity that propels us to honor our customers and celebrate a company we can truly call our own. Some may scoff at such high ideals in today's business world. But to us, there is no other way to successfully run a company -- especially your own.

Has thousand of Crockpot  Recipess

Has more than 100,000 recipes to download.  It also has a very good recipe manager available to download.  You do not need the software to look at or print the recipes but  if you wish to save them you can create your own recipe book.  The software is very easy to work with.  Will provide shopping lists and let resize the recipe to what ever you need.