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Atlanta Journal & Constitution
Files, folders, hard disk storage part of understanding Windows
Family Tech: Chasing koalas provides lesson in online research
Personal Web page travels with you
New slide/film scanner can turn out sharp work
Spring Cleaning as good for your computer as it was for Aunt Vera
I'm seeking good employment Web sites
I get a message that say's it's "possibly not a picture file"
Working From Home Resource Guide
Upgrades, repairs easier than before
Use Windows resources when crash occurs
New PC revolution likely to come from the young
Is it possible to open e-mail once you delete it?
Awhile back you gave advice about disabling cookies
Safeguards can help keep data out of the wrong hands



The State
Copying data to second hard drive is one protection option
Some steps can save your Windows 98, PC
Computer users have their own language
'Write Protect" safeguards files, programs
Make sense of computer jargon
Insurance against a brush with disaster
What you need to know about file compression
Computer file tree is limitless filing cabinet
Parents should be involved when kids surf the Web
Free Applications Available To Help You Build Your WEB Sites
Communities can form own Net access group



Misc. News Services

Where to stash your stuff   -  Take a load off your hard drive
New technology lets you make movies
Navigation program helps you find what you want on Web sites







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