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The History of HELP-NET

The initial purpose of developing "Help-Net" in 1983 was to provide hardware and software support for the ACME Business Products Company of Georgia.  Prior to 1983, much research was conducted on different hardware and software designs to procure a network that would be effective yet affordable.  In 1983 the first IBM clone computer was the purchased for the company.  From that period of time until June 1985 when Help-Net was spun-off as a stand alone company,  Help-Net was responsible for all computer related equipment and software support for 11 offices in the South.

Help-Net's goal is to provide a friendly environment for all computer users.

We provide Novell, Windows, TCP/IP, Lantastic, OS2 networks in any of the following configurations or combinations - ARCNET, ETHERNET, TOKIN RING, 10 BASE-2, 10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-T ISDN, T1, DSL, ADSL, and Fiber Optic from 2 to 5000 stations and "machine to machine" or "concentrator to machine" which can include utilizing existing phone lines and equipment. All software and equipment is provided with a complete upgrade path for future growth.

Our company is dedicated to provide the newest and best hardware and software on the market, but not at the risk of causing problems for our customers. Research and experimenting is at the heart of our design department so we may provide unusual solutions to client's problems.

One of the fastest growing segments of the industry today is remote operation (telecommuting) from the home to the office. We were one of the first to explore this area and have provided this service to our clients during the past eighteen years using regular phone lines, ISDN lines and T1 lines.

Phone systems are one of the most misunderstood segments of the office environment. Small call controllers are available at a reasonable cost. Six incoming lines by sixteen extensions, along with electronic phones, can be combined to provide a very cost effective phone system with the advantage of expanding for future growth.

Fax machines and copiers are purchased without much thought to the overall office function. We provide recommendations in this area to help choose the proper size of the equipment to help alleviate the necessity of extra repairs and the equipment down-time.

We appreciate your interest in Help-Net. We stand ready to provide any solutions to your office problems.








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